Dear French Paper Customer,

We’ve been working behind the scenes for well over a year to bring you a brand new website. Rather than modifying our old site, we started from scratch and reinvented the entire structure. We wanted to shed some light on the reasoning behind all the new things you’ve experienced on our new site.

Design: The first change you probably saw was our brand new design by the folks at CSA Design. The site is now fully scalable and mobile friendly, so you can enter orders on the fly with ease.

Verbiage: We did our best to include verbiage that will make sense to folks of all experience levels. You’ll see more terms like “paper” and “card stock” along with the traditional “text” and “cover”.

Shipping: We had a bunch of meetings with our friends at UPS and did as much smooth talking as we could to get our shipping rates lowered. You should see much improved rates across all service levels, and even some free freight categories.

Custom Paper: We included a new Custom Paper Calculator that you can use to determine what kind of customizations your order qualifies for. Give it a shot here.

Pricing: Having a site since 1997 has meant that we have grown along with the internet and its capabilities.  Our price structure up until this new site was based on what was possible from almost 15 years ago. Most items had to share costs, and often things that didn’t fit with others simply were mis-priced. Combined with the fact that we haven’t increased our pricing in roughly a decade despite several raw material increases, we knew it was time to start over. We worked up a true price for every SKU based on our real costs including dyes, fiber, labor, etc. At the end of the day, some items went down, some went up, and some stayed about the same. Regardless of the item, we did everything we could to keep your pricing fair.

Distributor Locator: We created an improved interactive Distributor Locator to help connect you with our merchant partners that support French Paper in your back yard.

We hope you enjoy the new and we can’t wait to do business with you all going forward.

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