Paper: Muscletone Sno Cone & Madero Beach 140# Cover

Printing: 4/4 (two separate black plates / 2 silver)

Finishing: custom die cutting, perforating, folding and trimming

Printing and finishing by Franklin Press Plymouth, Minnesota

Build a complete paper power-lifting Brian French with all the right body parts and accessories, including his Muscle Car and lots of hair metal jokes. If you are asking what Muscletone paper, weightlifting, old cars and hard rock have in common (as Jerry French did), we explained it this way, they are all HEAVY.

Look out for brawny Brian French traveling the U.S.A., Pushing 140# Muscletone and pumping up his reps. Brian knows that French fans like it heavy, so he offers you these 10 superweight papers, each one amped up to 18 (pt)!

Based on classic hits from across French Paper Company’s rockin’ paper lines, Muscletone combines the strength of powerli ers and the beauty of hair metal bands, and it’s a perfect weigh for cover and packaging gigs. is lineup may be heavy, but Brian makes sure that if you put 140# on press it runs “no sweat!

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