French Paper Company and CSA Design were honored to collaborate with Artist/Illustrator/Designer David Plunkert on a small artist book promotion David Plunkert Posters On French Paper.

This collection of 36 posters is selected from a 15-year labor of love by David Plunkert for Theatre Project, a pioneering experimental Baltimore theater company. Mr. Plunkert’s expressive imagery for the theater always hits its mark, whether promoting classical Greek dramas or contemporary dance exhibitions. The posters themselves are timeless examples of one artist’s mastery of illustration, type design, and printing. Each year he creates at least four posters for the series and adopts stylistic direction different from the previous years. This book includes nine series of four posters paired with papers and techniques that best reflect Plunkert’s diversity.

David Plunkert Posters On French Paper is printed by Franklin Press on six different French Paper stocks: Kraft-Tone Manilla Yellow and Ledger Green, Speckletone Kraft, Pop-Tone Whip Cream and Tangy Orange, and Dur-O-Tone Newsprint White. The book also incorporates the unusual collation of French folds, perforations, and an exposed perfect bound glue-edge stitched inside a wrap-around cover. The result is a small impactful paper art object with pages that can also be removed and shared as postcards or decorations.


  1. Barbara Mosher says:

    Please may I have one! This is outstanding work!

  2. Been a fan of French and David for years.
    What a combination of talent and quality!
    How can I get one of these?

  3. I am working on a poster project and would like to receive a copy of this piece to give me some ideas about paper stock and printing possibilities for my own project. Thank you for sharing images of this piece on your website!

  4. Lael Trachtman says:

    What a brilliant collab! Hope copies are available for purchase…

  5. Marc Oxborrow says:

    Beautiful stuff! I’m a longtime fan of Mr. Plunkert’s work, and commissioned a few illos from him back in my magazine AD days. Would also love to get a copy of this sample book if it’s publicly available.

  6. Never disappointing and always raising the bar. Please send a copy if available.

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